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Never There

How can I be this sad when you never existed

All the drugs that I had, yet you resisted

You were never there, it wasn’t meant to be

Yet in my head, you are all I see

Your little face that looks so pudgy,

The hands that wrap around my finger

The eyes that look like him

That look around then linger

On my face, taking me all in

Taking everything in

Your first steps, your first word

I dreamt of it all

Your laugh I wish I could have heard

But you were never there 

Never there for me to hold

Never there for me to love

Never there

We would have taken you to the park

Or walks around the zoo

Maybe to the seaside

On a train that went choo choo

It’s funny that you were never there

‘cos in my head you were

I love you little baby

And will forever more

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