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It'll get easier

They say that it’ll get easier

The people that have no clue

That have never had this much uncertainty

And probably never will

The fear wraps up around me

And tightens my very core

I feel trapped on an endless ride

And I’ll never find the door

The door that will lead to all the hopes

The life of what could be

Where I can hold them in my arms

And we are a family

It starts to feel impossible

Almost even illogical

That it will ever happen for us

That I will be a mother

He will be a father

When it happens for others so easily

I find it hard to bear

How dare they flaunt their luck around

The world just seems unfair

To get pregnant by accident

Seems like a fucking joke

Like the universe just wants to mess with us

And show how much I’m broke

They tell you to eat this, do this, do that

Like there’s some magical cure

Like piss off right now

Fucking leave, shut the door

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