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Here and There

I’m here

But not really there

I walk through life

But I’ve forgotten how to care

For myself, for anything

I’m living in tunnel vision

Never stepping off the path

Just stuck in the mission

Going through the motions

Stuck in a daze

Repeating the process

My mind is a maze

Of twists and turns

Never finding the centre

Nor any way out

I go round in circles

No one hears when I shout

That I am lost

I’m in too deep

It’s getting so dark

And I’m scared of the cost

Of what this is going to take

To find my way back

That I’ll fall through the crack

And no one will catch me

Because it is me letting go

Of the life that entraps me

What if there is no point to the cause

That I’ve been here too long

Putting my life on pause

What if it never works

What if I’m broke

Like a fire that won’t burn

Though continually stoked

Will it be worth it?

At the end of it all

Will I regret it

When my time comes to call?

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